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          tc columbia


          2012年3月 - 2020年8月


          The first phase of the project, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, sought to understand the processes through which these tools are implemented and adopted by end users. The primary goals of the project were to describe and document the implementation process, analyze changes in end-user practice over time, 和 validate a CCRC framework developed to assess institutions’ readiness to adopt new technology.

          In a second phase of the project, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation invested in a new cohort of colleges and universities engaged in technology-mediated advising reform. CCRC is conducting a multifaceted research study examining the impact of iPASS on student outcomes. This study builds on our previous research by further examining iPASS-related reforms and providing more definitive evidence of iPASS’s potential efficacy in improving college persistence and completion. The researchers will collect and analyze detailed KPI (key performance indicator) and implementation data for more than two dozen colleges. CCRC will also collect in-depth qualitative data on a subset of colleges to inform the field about implementation practices, challenges, 和 lessons.

          此外,三个学院在队列正在接受更深入的援助,以打造出高品质的项目和iPass的更严谨的研究参与,以确定干预的因果影响。与MDRC CCRC通过合作,正进行在这些机构的随机对照试验提供有关的iPass对学生的成功的影响严谨的证据。

          该项目是由资助 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 和 母狮米。哈利湾赫尔姆斯利慈善信托.

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